New Features and Enhancements from JDK-5 to JDK-7

As Oracle is preparing for JDK-8 release with most awaited language features " lambda expressions", I was thinking about the java language evolution since I started my IT career.

New features released in JDK-5 were really impressive, and it created lots of interest in language again.

JDK-5 (September 30, 2004)

JDK-6 (December 11, 2006)

JDK-7 (July 28, 2011)

Over the past few years, java has become more relevant. It has quietly become the primary foundation for really big companies like Google, LinkedIn, Tumbler, Square and Twitter.

“Java is really the only choice when it comes to the requirements for a company like ours — extreme performance requirements and extreme scalability requirements. There is no viable alternative”— Bob Lee

“On August 3, Twitter hit a one-second peak of 143,199 tweets. That’s a massive spike over the norm — about 5,700-tweets-per-second — and the site stayed up”— New Tweets per second record, and how! 

Twitter Shifting More Code to JVM, Citing Performance and Encapsulation As Primary Drivers
Yammer Moving from Scala to Java
On The Cusp Of A Java Renaissance: Where We've Been And Where We're Going - Bob Lee is the CTO of Square Inc


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