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Guava: ClassToInstanceMap

If you have requirement of associating the class to an instance of it’s type then ClassToInstanceMap is the best choice for you. It comes with additional type safety. It’s an extended interface of Map public interface ClassToInstanceMap<B> extends Map<Class<? extends B>,B> Implementations: ImmutableClassToInstanceMap , MutableClassToInstanceMap Here is a example where you can use this map Some classes  interface Writer{ //SOME CODE } class TemplateWriter implements Writer{ //SOME CODE } class PropertyWriter implements Writer{ //SOME CODE } class PropertySetWriter implements Writer{ //SOME CODE } And we have one Factory class class WriterFactory{ private static final ClassToInstanceMap<Writer> factoryMap = new ImmutableClassToInstanceMap.Builder<Writer>(). put(TemplateWriter.class, new TemplateWriter()). put(PropertyWriter.class, new PropertyWriter()). put(PropertySetWriter.class, new PropertySetWriter()). build